Thursday, 30 September 2010

Welcome 'Home' Elizabeth

It's been non-stop since I arrived back in Watamu on Friday but now on my fourth visit  I expected, nor wanted, anything less. I am having such a good time working with Sue and the Happy House family and giving my help wherever it is needed.
I'm a welcome extra pair of hands for the mums when all the babies wake up and want attention at the same time. They are adorable and all doing so well, baby Harry - abandoned at the side of the road at birth, weighing less than a bag of sugar, is now a flourishing three month old. He's still tiny, about normal birth weight for a UK infant, but he's got a hearty appetite, a strong grip, and healthy lungs!
Charity, another who was close to death when she arrived at the Happy House, is crawling and almost standing on her own. She's a real character.
I was with Billy when he gave the children their gifts sponsors had sent with me.
He calls them in one at a time and explains to them who the gift is from and if there is a card of letter he reads it to them. The children are really interested in the those people who, in a far of land, have become their friends. It's very touching to see how much a small gift or a photograph and letter can mean. 
And one small gift is ideal, they can be overwhelmed by more, but they do share willingly and those who have not received anything do not go without.
It's heart warming to see how the children all help each other. They have there squabbles of course, but most of the time they all join in and play together. the little ones learning from the older ones.
Visitors are amazed to see how they come in from school, greet everyone there, and then sit down and get their homework done - with Billy there to give help and encouragement when needed- before changing and playing out, until it's time for tea.  Even little Mwende and Pendo  who are in the baby class get colouring homework, but they follow the routine like everyone else. They are as thick as thieves and are like sisters in all but blood.
The Happy House is doing all that Sue promised it would.  Getting it this far has been like a mountain to climb, and there have been so many setbacks and much heartache, but Sue, with Dave by her side, has done it. It is my privilege to be helping.