Sunday, 12 September 2010

Scolar Green Primary School Cheshire

Marion Perry has been involved with our work for the children for a couple of years now and has always been a great support. Marion recently visited us here at the Happy House. This is her story.
The Children, Parents and Friends of Scholar Green Primary School in Cheshire East held a fantastic Africa day to raise money for the Happy House Project. We had a great time dressing up in an African theme, which included traditional tribal dress as well as an amazing assortment of African animals (and the odd tiger that snuck in from Asia!)
We held a whole school assembly, which gave the children the opportunity to find out a little bit about the Happy House project. At the end of the assembly the children were buzzing and felt really proud to be part of the project they were fund-raising for, however 2 amazing year 6 children - Annabelle Wright and Alice Thompson - took it upon themselves to do even more. Within a few weeks a great "Cakes and Shakes" stall was frantically delivering homemade cakes and fabulous flavored milkshakes during a lunchtime. The sale was incredibly popular and therefore raised yet another hundred pounds onto of the £200 raised from the Africa Day!
So, in the beginning of August I arrived at the Happy House armed with our cheque! Immediately I was struck by how much Sue and the team had achieved. The children came running up to us and some grabbed our hands, not wanting to let go. Before long, with one little sweetheart in my arms and another holding hands, I was taken around The Happy House by Dave. What else can I say other than the fact that we were bowled over by how bright, welcoming and loving the atmosphere at the Happy House was. The children were an absolute delight and so deserve our help to give them the chance to grow and strive in life. I know that the children, parents and friends of Scholar Green Primary School will not forget the Children of The Happy House and the amazing people who do so much!