Monday, 27 September 2010

Dawn Grant at North Chadderton School

This is a write up from Dawn Grant who has supported our work in many different ways, and is very active in fund raising not only at the school where she works but also with other friends and associates.

Hello my name is Dawn Grant. I am a working mum of two young men now aged 18yrs and 21yrs, I have been married for 24 yrs, my husband is called Ian.  I work at North Chadderton School in Oldham.

Approximately 18 months ago I saw Sue and Dave Hayward on the BBC Northwest tonight programme talking about their fantastic charity and all that they had achieved, I felt inspired to help, really moved by this, I just had to meet Sue. So with a little help from the BBC I got in touch with Sue. We met at her hotel and quite literally my life has changed. I am now the sponsor of a beautiful little girl in Watamu, her name is Lily and she is 5yrs old. I keep in touch via e-mail sending letters and I send gifts. This for me is about a long term commitment to this precious little girl, she needs me and I will be there. If all the children in the Happy House had sponsors that could support the children in a very real and positive way, then it will be a wonderful place for these children to grow up in and in turn their lives will be enhanced by knowing that someone really cares them. I really love the fact that we (sponsors) are known as a family because this is what all these children need, and that is why we got involved.