Thursday, 18 June 2020

Love is the answer

With the Happy House in lockdown because of the Coronavirus Covid pandemic, our children are really enjoying home learning, writes Evans. And when a youngster has a problem, he or she approaches Mama Sue who plays aa important role in finding solutions to whatever dilemma they are facing. Lesley, a little boy in Grade One , had a problem in maths with his long division, so when he went to mama, the solution to his problem was to find an elder brother or sister who would help him. Mama suggested Oscar and Lesley him to help. He was promised to have an hour during the weekend and Oscar took him through his work explaining where he was going wrong. At Happy House there is always someone who is ready to help so that things can be all right. All this happens because of the love there is in the family - it is a true love that would be hard to find anywhere else.