Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Hard work brings rewards

Our Happy House family had a wonderful sports day to celebrate their exam successes.
And everyone joined in - even Victor who wanted to wear a football shirt too! Evans reports "Mama was so pleased with their results and so she decided that we should have a have a very nice sports day. "On this special day, she had decided that we were also going to take a very nice treat of fruit and cream. "The kids really enjoyed every minute of this day and they were very happy they had made Mama pleased with their results . "Every one enjoyed themselves our little brother victor who also participated in one of the races and he did his best. "We had different kind of games like races, rounders, tug of war which was my best sport to watch. " The treat was a fruit salad and it was a nice change for the kids. "They are happy and they can’t stop loving their Mama Sue and Papa Dave because they are very special people to the kids and the whole family." In this video Rukia tells us a little about the event while the kids enjoy their treat.