Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Daily checks to keep virus at bay

Daily temperature checks on staff and children at the Happy House are now taking place in a bid to keep Coronavirus at bay. And anyone entering the Happy House will be checked at the gate to ensure they do not have a raised temperature - one of the warning sings of the virus. With many people being a bit more relaxed about lockdown in Kenya, Mama Sue is keeping our Happy House on high alert and will not be easing any of the restrictions we have enforced there since March. With schools closed, our family of 60 kids are being home schooled with lessons being conducted by teachers via the internet. If a teacher, or any essential visitors, need to come into the grounds of Happy House they must wear a mask and we have a strict hand-washing regime. Now Mama and Papa have been able to get a non-contact thermometer, which are expensive and not easily available, temperature checks can also take place as Mama explains.