Thursday, 11 June 2020

Economy conscious Happy House

Today we join a Happy House staff meeting with focus on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on our family finances. Mama Sue is keen to impress the need to economise to every member of our team. With no tourists travelling to Kenya, we are missing the lovely international friends who support our charity and who bring us so many gifts for our store room including toiletries, clothing, educational items . Visitors often buy food for our family when they visit, often enough to buy staple food and household items to last our family of 60 children fo ra whole week. We also miss the opportunity to make new friends of those who learn about us while they are in Watamu, come to visit and often decide to sponsor a child. Sponsorship provides a regular source of income, so we always need new sponsors but know there are likely to be fewer this year. So Mama wants to make everyone aware of the need to use things carefully and to avoid any waste. Of course, they are always careful but Mama felt it was a time to remind everyone to take extra care with everything they and the children use.