Friday, 28 December 2018

Karibuni Happy House

Italian visitors Dario Diomedi and Sabrina Mazzone and their daughters Flaminia and Greta were given a rousing welcome when they made their first visit to  Happy House on Christmas Day.
The family were excited and delighted to seeing the Happy House and to meet their sponsor child, Joshua.

At a welcome gathering their was a sing-off between our girls and our boys and they had the difficult task of picking a winner.
 Dario and family brought with them many beautiful items of clothing and necessities which will be kept in our storeroom to be used as and when they are needed.

We thank Dario, Sabrina, Flaminia and Greta for being with us and for all the things they have brought with them. Thank you also to their friends and relatives who donated items to their Happy  House collection.
Dario and family are also featured on this video. Please click on the link to watch: