Thursday, 13 December 2018

Here comes Santa

It was jingle bells all the way as Santa arrived at Happy House yesterday.
Making our children's home his first port of call as he prepares to deliver to kids across the world, our children gathered excitedly to wait for him to make his entrance.
And when the arrived they were all keen to greet him and his elf escort as they made their way from the gates and to the banda.
Santa didn't disappoint bringing with him with sacks full of goodies - a bag for each child.
Helped by Uncle Ronnie he handed each child their present.
Our early Christmas day was full of fun and games, with apple bobbing, races and entertainment by the staff - with the uncles and aunties battling it out to see who good give the best performance!
And no Christmas is complete without a delicious meal. Our family and friend tucked into chicken pilau as requested by the children and chocolate cake.
Mama, Papa and the family were thrilled to be joined by friends - Red and Brenda Groves and their granddaughter Grace , and Jo an Peter Reid (in two guises!)
Mama thanked everyone for making it such a special day, and praised the staff for the show they put on and thanked Auntie Phillis and her helpers in the kitchen for the delicious food..
Red thanked Mama and Papa for inviting them to be a part of the festive celebration.
It was a splendid day,  making happy memories for our kids who have been through so much trauma in their lives.
Click on this link for a second video. There will be more tomorrow.