Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Home visits for some, but not for all

Saumu and Rose with their grandma
Baraka, Amani and Alex with their uncle
 As some of our kids f leave to go on home visits to relatives now in a position to taken them, others remain in our loving care.
They are the foundlings, or those who have no-one in their family who could take them even for an overnight visit.
In today's video, Mama talks about those stay at home kids and why sponsors are extra special to them.
Meanwhile,  for those back in the community staying in the homes of close family members, it is an exciting time.
And Mama and her  team do all they can to make sure that those who can go to stay with with a family member in the school holidays do so.
These visits are carefully planned and monitored by our social worker Uncle Ronald, who maintains regular contact with relatives all year round.
They are a step toward a child being able to go back into the community on a long term basis if both the child and their family members are happy with the arrangement and can support the child.
A number of our kids have left for month-long home visits, instead of the previous weeklong trips.
Husna and Hussein with grandma
Uncle Ronald says: "This is because of the long school holiday. It is good time for us to assess how well they can manage. 
"We are required to have an exit plan for each child in our care and this is a part of it, we work on mending broken families where possible. 
"We are glad to have success stories. Most of the kids we have repatriated have fully settled with their relatives. 
"Sometimes things don’t work and we have to bring the children back at the Happy House but this cannot stop us from trying again when we feel it is right to do so..We hope that "We hope that with these kids who have left us for home visits, that most will be happy staying on with their relatives after the end of the holiday. 
This will be a step ahead on our exit plans of these kids."