Wednesday, 19 December 2018

David is Mama's pride and joy

Our junior David Hayward is eight this week.
Named after our own Papa Dave, he is a champion child who has overcome one obstacle after another since he was abandoned in hospital by his mother when he was only a few days old.
Happy House supported him while he was in hospital and we were delighted when he was well enough to come home to join our family.
Concerned that he was not progressing as a baby should, Mama Sue took him to one doctor after another and when he was 11 months she took him to a specialist centre in Kilifi where she was told he would not amount to anything and to "take him home and love him".
We did much more than give him love, sought expert advice, put a programme of  three -times daily exercises into practice, and our whole family, kids and adults, encourage him to take part in everything we do. 
We ensure David has any additional help he needs in school and at home and time and time again he rewards our efforts with his courage and his smiles and his results.
He keeps up with the other kids, wins hearts of all who meet him, but he does struggle with his speech.
We would be thrilled to find a  speech therapist who could give us some guidance on how to help him more.
In this eighth birthday video Mama Sue tells you a bit more about her little David, who is both her pride and her joy.
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