Thursday, 8 November 2018

Thank you Louise

There was a heartfelt thank you from Mama Sue to Louise Webster, who sends out profiles of our children to sponsors.
Louise, her husband Garry, and daughters Alice and Grace are back in Watamu to visit Happy House and to have a holiday.
The family, from Yorkshire, are great friends and it's always lovely to see them again.
Louise started sponsoring while the Happy House was being built, as Mama explains, and as soon as the kids started arriving became sponsor to Oscar.
Then a tot, he is now 11 and growing fast!
Louise, Garry, Grace and Alice are enjoying catching up with the Oscar, his brother Evans and sister, Janet, and with all our kids and staff too.
They were also interested to find out, as were the rest of the family, who would win the Room of the Week Award.
This week it was room captain Natasha's room that got top marks.
They were the first team to win when Mama introduced the competition incentive but the clock they won disappeared, just as Mama said it would, when the girls slipped right back. Now they have it back and intend to hang on to it this time!