Thursday, 29 November 2018

Give the gift of love

In today's video, Mama Sue appeals to you to make one of her children a part of your family.
At Happy House children's home we have six youngsters who have no known family of their own. 
They are our Happy House Haywards,
Harry, Brian, David, Esther, Elizabeth Anne and Emmanuel take Hayward as their surname as Mama Sue and Papa Dave are the only Mama and Papa they will ever know.
So building families of sponsors for these children is so important.
Every sponsor is special and adds something new and different to their lives - just as relatives do in every family.
No two aunties, grandads, cousins etc are the same. 
So Mama is asking if, this Christmas, you will consider the gift of sponsorship to one of your friends or relative - and add a little Hayward to their lives.
To find out more please email: