Sunday, 25 November 2018

Our laboratory by Evans

Evans who introduces us to our laboratory at Happy House School was one of the first needy children to find a home at Happy House when it opened in 2010
He arrived with his older sister, Janet, and young brother, Oscar. The youngsters were in need of a home because, after the death of their father, their mother was struggling and unable to keep her family together.
These three youngsters had been staying with an aunt who looked after them the best she could, but she too was struggling and they came into our safe care.
They settled in straight away, loved school and worked hard.
Evans now lives back with his aunt and cousins but is supported  by Happy House - he is educated in our school,  is a valued member of our family and, because of all the good work he has seen being done at Happy House, has his sights set on becoming a social worker.
He loves school, values his education, and is  very keen on science.
Having a lab, as we do, thanks to Blackpool Soroptimist International, takes the  subject to another level.