Friday, 22 June 2018

Poultry plus

A brood of 10 young cockerels has joined our family.
Papa Dave and Auntie Rose went to the Water Board Office in Malindi to ask if we could have a lower tariff on the mains water with us being a children’s home, writes Mama Sue.
They met a very nice man called Kenneth who was extremely helpful. 
Our water bill should now, thankfully, go down by two thirds.
During their visit Kenneth kindly asked them if they would like some chickens, of course the answer was YES!
So the next day Papa and I went to meet Kenneth and his family at their  home in Malindi, they were kind enough to give us 10 young cockerels. 
We already had a small chicken house that the Secondary School students had build as part of a project, so now the new family members are wandering around having a look at their new home.
Harry and Baraka were amongst the first kids to go to see them