Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Growing interest

Our high school agricultural students are delighted to see their greenhouse flourishing with GREEN!
Under the guidance of agriculture teacher, Md Caroline, they have put text book theory into practice in their own school greenhouse at Happy House,
The Form Two students whose syllabus covers Crop Production based on soil fertility, seedbed preparation, etc, have established a variety of vegetables.
Spinach is the main vegetable they have raised but they are also growing tomatoes, and kale.
 They have  learnt that vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals thus acting as protective foods; have pleasant smell which makes food appetising and they  keep the body healthy and help in fighting diseases
Lack of vitamins A, B and C present mainly in vegetables may lead to diseases like night blindness, scurvy and beriberi.
The minerals provided calcium, iron and phosphorus, which are at the highest nutritive value when vegetables are consumed   mature and fresh. 
Understanding the benefit of eating vegetables has made the students even more excited about growing - and eating- them!