Friday, 29 June 2018

Meet the family: Lovely Lily

Our lovely Lily is our guest on the blog the today!
She joined the Happy House in 2010 with her older brother Samson and younger sister Pendo.  
They were living in poverty with their grandmum, who was unable to cope with the demands of three small children.
Their mum, recently widowed, was too poorly to look after them and the family breadwinner was no longer there.
Since then they have, with our love and help,  been reunited with their mum and were repatriated for a while.
For now they are back at Happy House and thriving, they remain in contact and are able to go on home visits. 
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Thank you Devonshire School

Elizabeth Gomm. our UK coordinator and Auntie Libz to the Happy House, was delighted to be back at Devonshire School, Blackpool, this week.
She had been invited to do an assembly, always a joy, to tell the children the news of their sponsor child Brian
The school has sponsored Brian since he came our family as a tiny baby and successive generations of children at the school are growing up knowing him as if he were one of them
The children, even the smallest, listened intently and it was so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop!
They are holding a fundraising day to day  for Happy House and being reminded about Brian has given them added enthusiasm
Thank you to Mrs Liz Heaney , our link with the school, and to all the children and staff for making Auntie Libz so welcome and for your continued love and support for Brian.
Mrs Heaney is pictured with the headboy and headgirl and Lily who tried on a traditional  Kenyan kanga and jewellery.