Tuesday, 5 June 2018

History comes to life

World War 1 and World War 2 were  remembered and relived in the Happy House School.
This very special day came about after our young people watched the film, Saving Private Ryan and it had such and effect that we decided to focus on the history as it is one of the topics to be covered later in their syllabus
 The high school students were ready with their pens and books to make notes when their guest speak arrived.
 Mama, the speaker, came armed with every tool necessary and relevant on a study of happenings  the wars.
Mama carried with her a dagger thought to have been among those used in the war.
 She also had her late father’s picture when he was young just before fighting in WW2.
 All this, plus inclusion of power point slides, a lot of links from internet sites and her researched notes left an imprint of one of the best talks the school has had in its history.
In her summary, Mama talked of the grave of the Unknown Soldier  She emphasised that this could have been the son, brother, husband or father of any one of us.
We greatly salute the speaker, our Mama. We also say thank you to Uncle Ronald for managing the speaker’s power point work..
Thanks to Mr. Laurent and Md. Sarah (History and Government teacher) for writing this blog