Sunday, 11 June 2017

TV times

Scholarship student Michael Baya is one of the many students of our school who are enjoying the experience of learning with the aid of a smart TV.
The TV was bought with money raised in Taif, Saudi Arabia, by Lesley and Alan Pidock.
Michael writes:
Am saying thanks for the smart TV to Mama and our donors.
It helps us in many things and it also enables our studies to run well.
We should give gratitude to Mama Sue for the love that she is showing us and for saying we should have such a TV.
The smart TV has helps us to searching for the answers to  questions through the internet as it is connect to the network; it also helps us to lean more at each lesson.
For that work Mama is doing I am praying to God to help so as to come up with more networks like the one she got for us.