Friday, 30 June 2017

Our Harry - always a cause to celebrate

Harry's birthday is always a reason to smile.
Seven this week, he was our first Happy House miracle.
Harry, found newborn and eight weeks premature, on a rubbish dump in Malindi was only discovered because a normally busy street was quiet.
Warda the passer by, who turned out to be his guardian angel,  heard the tiny rustle of a carrier bag as she walked by the tip.
She was compelled to look inside the bag and, to her surprise, found our Harry and rushed him to get medical help.
He was such a tiny, poorly baby, but after eight weeks in hospital, with Happy House providing all the milk, medicines, nappies, clothes and love that he needed, he came home to our family and has thrived ever since
Harry Hayward, named after Papa Dave's dad,  is growing stronger and taller with every year, and it was
Papa who  presented Harry with his birthday gift .
Happy birthday, Harry.