Sunday, 25 June 2017

New system reduces subject burden, by Kelvin

Scholarship student, Kelvin David, writes today's blog:
I am now in Form 2 secondary school and this term we were able to choose which subjects we wished to drop.
This system means that we can stop taking subjects that we will not need to progress on to our chosen career path,
 Previously, we had 13 subjects which is a heavy load.
 Through discussions and suggestions with the board of management together with the teachers, we were able to choose the subjects that we needed to achieve our future careers through the kind support given to us by our lovely director Mama Sue and all the management staffs involved in this system. 
This system has made my learning much more manageable and I can concentrate on subjects that are important to me 
I have got enough time to go through my work and it has given me time to read more. 
I can now concentrate more on what will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a doctor.
We could not have gotten this new system without the kind support from our Mama Sue ,and that is why I say a big thank you to her and all the management.
Thank you so much for this wonderful joy that you have brought into us, and as form two students we promise to work extra harder than ever before, thank you.