Monday, 19 June 2017

He's Happy and he knows it ...

 Our Happy House cat lead a purrfect life.
He is surrounded by kids and adults who love him,  plenty of space to hunt or just to lay in the sun.
The outdoor kitchen was one of his favourite spots, but now he's taken to paying a daily visit to Mama's office.
Mama says: "He comes in the office everyday at 12.30 when Dave arrives with our lunch. He will eat everything Including home made vegetable soup, really enjoying the carrots.
" He loves tuna sandwiches, sausages, yogurt, bananas and one of his favorites is mozzarella cheese. 
"When the children are around he enjoys rice and ugali with them.
" He is the most loving little cat is our Happy Hayward, he rubs around our legs meowing. He lets the children stroke him, even if it is the wrong way. He never scratches anyone, if they get a bit much he just runs away. 
"He finds a nice sunny spot for one of his many daily naps.
" He is 7 years old now, everyone has grown up together, he has also lost most of his teeth same as the kids.. Just pleased they will grow new ones !"