Sunday, 21 May 2017

How my life has changed, by Gladys

Gladys Sidi's life has been transformed since she was awarded a free place as a scholarship student at Happy House.
Gladys writes:
My name is Gladys and I am a form two student in secondary school.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama for the golden chance that she gave me to be among the Happy House family.
I am now not the same person who came to Happy House.
 This is because I am now able to speak fluently English and I have now become computer literate.
I am performing well in my studies due to the kind support that I’m getting from my lovely teachers.
They are so friendly, They teach wholeheartedly and are always ready to assist any student with any problem. 
The environment is also conducive to our learning and wellbeing,  as we all know that environment matters a lot. 
My fellow students are also friendly that we are able to assist each other.
At Happy House, the teachers deliver the highest quality of education than ever.
Thank you.