Saturday, 27 May 2017

Birthday girls and help needed

 Happy birthday, happy kids.
Husna and Jacinta are celebrating their birthdays this week so true to Happy House practice they received their birthday gifts at Kidz Club on Tuesday.
Happy birthday girls.


From June 3 to 9, Happy House will be having  the Poulton Methodist Charity Shop, on Chapel Street, Poulton, Lancs, to raise very much needed funds
We desperately need helpers from our Happy House friends to give a morning or afternoon to rlook after sales (10am-12.30, or 12.30 to 3pm-ish)
If you can spare some time, even if it is only an hour or so, please email 
For personal reasons Elizabeth is taking a back seat this year and Pauline Royle and Helene Stephens are doing the organising, 
Donations of good can be dropped off at the shop (opening hours only from Monday-Wednesday that week).
If you let Elizabeth have your contact details and times you are available, she will pass them on. Thank you.
We do so need the cash, so of you can give just a bit of your time we would be truly grateful. 
Thank you.