Thursday, 25 May 2017

Celebrating life

 Every May, on the anniversary of the death of our Mama Sue's beloved dad, Harold, the Happy House family gets together for a Celebration of Life.
As so many of those in our family, children and staff, have lost someone dear to them, it is a chance to share the happy memories they hold in their hearts and to enjoy entertainment to celebrate the joy of living, being with family and friends.
The emphasis is on being happy, not being sad, and it is a time to laugh and smile.
The children in our Kindergarten put on a show of dance from many comunities and cultures including Maasai, Kikuyu, Luhya, Swwahili, Italian, Nigerian and Luo. 
The primary kids had a dance while the high school also had a song and a dance.
David, as ever, showed off his talent for dance and humour as a Kamba - we'll bring that video on tomorrow's blog!
 Rukia was on stage with her nice golden voice who had  a song.
 Teddy gave us a short speech celebrating life of Mike, his sponsor who died this month, and who the long-time partner of our Auntie Libby.

 Mr. Laurent, Papa and Mama also spoke of those who helped to shape their lives - it was following the death of her own father and the overwhelming grief that followed, that Papa brought Mama to Kenya for the holiday which was to change her life, and put her on the path to her Happy House

  • Tomorrow's blog will bring you a video our our own little dance star David who showed off a new talent for comedy when he joined a dance celebrating the Kamba tribe