Saturday, 13 May 2017

Happy House makes happy memories

 Alan and Lesley Pidcock recently returned to Happy House after first discovering it seven years ago.
This time they made up their minds to spend as much time as possible with our family and both were deeply impressed by what they saw and experienced.
Here Alan gives his view:
" It really is amazing to see the children not just playing and learning together but also helping each other and helping the staff around the house and garden too. 
From the Johnny rushing to meet Mama Sue at  the car each day to escort her to the office to the girls sorting the little ones clothes and helping them to get dressed after their showers.
 A few of the days there were children, mainly boys,  with the gardeners and assisting with the general ground maintenance and learning skills which will help them in the future.
Each member of staff is excellent.
 Auntie Esther, a cook, could not resist playing a game of football the little ones when she'd come into Happy House on her day off for the weekly staff meeting.
The highlight for me was when we went to the beach along with the teachers, aunties and all the children.
The younger ones and non-swimmers played in the shallows and on the sand whilst the bigger children and swimmers joined us in the deeper waters.
The whole beach was awash with excitement, smiles and laughter. 
Remembering the beaming smiles of each child having fun that day still makes me smile.
Another wonderful memory is the tribe of kids following Papa Dave singing the Leeds United anthem ‘Marching on Together’...being a Leeds supporter myself it is wonderful knowing we have a mini supporters club in Watamu!
Our holiday sadly had to end; however, the memories remain. 
The pioneering work  of Sue and Dave and their team is beyond all imagination.
The Happy House is busy and hectic but more importantly it is filled with love by family where each one respects the other"