Thursday, 12 April 2012

Magic moments

As pretty as a picture the new dress Mwende poses for a picture for Mick and Jill Armstrong's album.
Mick and Jill, from Preston, have just returned from their first trip to the Happy House with so many happy memories, and pictures like these, for their album.
Jill says::"After sponsoring Mwende and Charity since the Happy House opened and receiving regular updates and photos we already felt very much involved in the charity, especially in following the blog on an almost daily basis!
"After planning our first visit to Watamu and then finally arriving, we were certainly not disappointed. 
"Everyone made us feel so very welcome and Uncle Billy gave us a "tour" of the house and classrooms. Everywhere was as we expected, clean, bright and spacious, with the children having space for their own individual clothes and belongings.
"Of course, the most important part of our trip was to meet "our" girls, Mwende and Charity, and to be able to spend as much time as possible with them. 
"Mwende was chatty and keen to stay close to us throughout our time there. Charity was as Charity is... her own little person who only allows you into her world on her terms and when she is ready.
" Although it was reassuring to see her talking and interacting with the other children, she very much kept us at arms length and closely watched us from a distance. I took countless photos in an attempt to see her smile and managed just one!
" She did make me smile at just how hard she worked at trying to avoid us!
"It was such a pleasure to see just how much Sue and Dave have acheived in the two years since the Happy House opened, with further building work underway to complete more classrooms. We were both pleased with the atmosphere within the house as it truly did have the feeling of one big family. 
"With any family there can be little upsets but, these were short lived and the children really do support and care for each other as brothers and sisters.
"We spent most of our day, every day, with the family and enjoyed every moment. Every day left us exhausted, dusty and  covered in tiny handprints, but we wouldn't have had it any other way.
"Mick spent time in the classrooms with some of the older children and we both helped in looking after the babies, toddlers and youngsters in class. We were able to see the children doing their exams, practising for a play and just as importantly, purely being kids, having fun.
"I can't describe how important, and how special, it was for us to finally be there, to meet everyone in the Happy House, and to strengthen our connection to Mwende and Charity. "Saying goodbye was difficult, a huge tug at our heartstrings, after having become so attached to so many people.
"Our experiences, and feelings,  reinforce exactly why we chose this particular charity to support.
" It enables people to become as personally involved as they choose to be. 
"We left a little part of ourselves behind in Watamu, and now we look forward to our next visit."