Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Magic at work

What a smile ... that's Jill Armstrong's caption for this picture of our truly delicious David.
Jill took this wonderfully happy picture of our very special little boy on her recent visit to our family with her husband, Mick.
What a difference in David.  Just six months ago he was floppy and unresponsive and Mama Sue and Uncle Billy, worried he was not developing normally and having established that, medically, there was nothing wrong, took him to a specialist child development centre where they were told he has Downs Syndrome.
After harnessing all the help and advice we could here from the UK Downs Syndrome Association a programme of exercises to stimulate him, mentally and physically, was drawn up and put into place and just look at him now.
Our David,15 months old, is coming on in leaps and bounds ... another illustration of Happy House magic changing little lives!