Friday, 13 April 2012

Bears and blankets

When we can we try to help other children in need beyond the Happy House.
Heavy blankets are something we will rarely use but we had so many in stock that Mama Sue offered some them, along with some of many, many,  teddies we have received,  to the East African Women's League to distribute to disadvantaged and sick kids.
Valerie, a friend of Sue's and a member of the the League, and fellow members took the blankets to women and children being held in the the Remand Prison in Malindi, and distributed bears to children in Malindi General Hospital on Christmas morning.
Mama Sue says: "It is dreadful to think of women and children, some just babies,  being held on remand unable to keep warm so it is a good use for blankets we do not need, and as a caring sharing family we encourage our children to share with others so to give a few of our bears to kids who have nothing is something we were glad to do."