Friday, 20 April 2012

Grandma comes to call

A visit from Grandma brought great excitement at the Happy House.
Grandpa Yaa, who donated the land on which Mama Sue has turned her vision into a reality, and Grandma were driven the short distance from their home to be greeted by a welcome party of kids singing their hearts out.
A stroke, affecting her left side, has made getting about difficult for the octogenarian but with the aid of her stick, and a steadying hand from Grandpa, Grandma took a look round and managed to get down to look inside out poly tunnel greenhouses.
Uncle Billy says: "Grandma arrived to a rousing welcome and a great tour round all the greenhouses - she was utterly impressed.
"The kids kept her company and sang "I am happy today" over and over again. It was surely a blessed morning for us all."