Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Our lucky night

Good fortune was on the cards for our Happy House family last night when Jacqueline Winters hosted an evening of angel card readings at the Grapevine, Poulton, Lancashire.
The venue, very kindly given free for the night, is a great central location and with a line- up of excellent readers including those pictured - Jackie Rodgers, Lynn McCluskey and Jackie Winters - the evening attracted a good attendance.
Andrea Manders, who sponsors Natasha, came along to sell raffle tickets and Elizabeth Gomm was there with information about the Happy House.
The evening is on target to raise an amazing £400 for our children.
A huge thank-you to Jackie and all the card readers who gave their time freely, to the Grapevine, to Andrea (pictured in green with two of our visitors) and all those who came along.