Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Building bonds .. making memories

Every child needs to grow up feeling loved and wanted, with memories of everything special in childhood - people, places and experiences.
It was with this in mind we chose to build sponsor families for our children, to reinforce and underpin the feeling of belonging, by forging bonds and making friendships that go way beyond their home, our Happy House.
Every child has his or her own memory box, a place where they can store their treasures... cards, letters, emails from friends across the world plus all their own keepsakes from school and family life.
Your cards and letters make such a difference to our children. They get such pleasure from a delivery through the post or from an email. It makes them feel special, and loved.
Thank you to everyone who sent Christmas cards and presents, every child received them but as we have said earlier it was too many to take individual pictures of each child. You know what it's like on Christmas day and with 53 children opening their presents at the same time....
When you do have a moment, any time of year, please write a quick email to your child- via social worker Billy ( or to send a postcard, or letter and, when the time is right, a birthday card, we can promise it will bring a real smile to your sponsor child's face.
If you want to add to their child saving accounts and help to build a nestegg for the future for your child's birthday or Christmas that's simple too - just email me for details. £5 goes a long way in Kenya.
Our children really enjoy getting to know you, their special friends, and your letters, emails and photographs open a window on a totally new world for your child.
You, our sponsors and our friends, are so important to us and so much a part of our family.
Thank you for loving and caring for your Happy House child.