Thursday, 19 January 2012

Little star and birthday boys!

My heart leapt with joy when Rose emailed to tell me the name of our latest Star of the Week. 
The coveted award goes to one-year-old David for being able to sit up unaided.
It's been a long haul to get him to this point, but, at last, our very precious and special little one has done it.
David, as you'll know, was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome in October when, after exploring all other medical avenues to find our why he was still like a newborn and not reaching the milestones you would expect, Mama Sue and Uncle Billy took him to a specialist child development centre.
With help and information from the Down's Syndrome Association in the UK, trainee social worker Hemadi went through a mountain of information to put together an exercise programme for David, to stimulate him both physically and mentally.  
The mums have been working him through it twice a day, which he and they both enjoy, and the results are astounding.
Sitting up is his latest triumph.
David we are so proud of you!
Two birthday boys received gifts at this week's Kidz Club - Katana (who is recovering well from a broken arm) and one of our Big Kidz, Uncle Billy!
Happy birthday, Katana and Billy.