Thursday, 4 November 2010

She really is and Angel

An Angelic card reading evening held by Lynn McCluskey and friends proved to be a wonderful night indeed, raising a divine £450 for the Happy House Kids. Lynn and 5 of her friends who also read angel cards offered taster 15 min readings. Over 50 people had their cards read through out the night. The evening proved so popular the owner of the venue where the event was held The Grape Vine in Poulton -Le - Fylde asked when the next one was going to be and could it be soon please ! Watch this space ….

Lynn set herself a challenge at the beginning of the year to raise £500 in her first fundraising event by swimming a mile. She was really happy to beat that target and raised £650 instead. Spurred on by the wonderful support she received by family and friends, plus seeing first hand how the money raised was being used to transform the children's lives, when she volunteered at the Happy House in Feb, she secretly challenged herself to raise £2,000 by the end of the year. With her latest Angel evening Lynn is absolutely thrilled to have finally achieved that goal she set herself in Feb, raising a total of £2,099.70

Lynn said " I could never have raised this wonderful amount of money, if it wasn't for the amazing support of my family and friends and everybody who has attended the events I've hosted. It's only their kindness and generosity that enabled me to achieve my goal. So to everyone of you a GREAT BIG thank you."

Thank you Lynn from the Happy House Family, it is because of people such as your self that makes our work for the children possible. XX