Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fw: Silence is GOLDEN!

Entry level childcare students at Doncaster College in Yorkshire really did turn silence into gold for our Happy House kids.

Friends, family and colleagues happily parted with their hard-earned cash in exchange for a little peace and quiet!

The college's support for us, writes Elizabeth Gomm,  has come following a visit from the course leader, Lesley Pidcock, who fell in love with our ever-growing family ( can't we all hear Sue getting back from the UK and asking: "How many is it now, Billy?")  when she visited with her husband, Alan, and daughter, Kathryn, whilst on holiday last summer.

They spent as much time as they could with the kids and sponsor baby Natasha and one of our older girls Janet, who is now firm friends with Kathryn.

Lesley has since become a really active supporter, spreading the Happy House word and organising fundraising events.

She is hoping this week's sponsored silence will bring in £250 which she will be bringing, along with other money she has raised, to donate at the charity night on Friday.

Well done to everyone at Doncaster College and a big, big  THANK YOU from everyone in the Happy House family!