Thursday, 18 November 2010

On English soil

Our Sue, one of Lancashire's leading ladies, is back in Red Rose country and has been catching up with friends, enjoying a little retail therapy and organising the finishing touches for the charity night on Friday.
It's lovely to have Sue and Dave back with us, writes Elizabeth Gomm, but I'm deliberately not using the word "home". We all know where their hearts lie now .. and , yes, Happy House family  they are missing you every bit as much as we know you are missing them.
Sue tells me you were only really letting her some for one day, but I know how much she wants you to share so we  are sure you won't mind if we borrow her for just a little bit longer than that.
The Happy House management team confiscated her laptop to guarantee that she would get the rest she so deserves, which is why I'm writing this instead of her.
Sue and Dave are so looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new ones at the charity night on Friday. It's going to be a really busy night but lots of fun too, and there is so much news from the Happy House to tell you all.
Yesterday, Sue joined Lynn McCluskey  and  I  at our  Watamu Girls' Club "office",  Parks, the Art Deco Cafe in Blackpool Stanley Park, where we hold all our Happy House think-tanks. The HQ is drinking coffee al fresco on a warm day, but this time of year it's a bowl of soup indoors!
It was lovely to have Sue there with us and we had so much to talk about! We really miss her when she's not here, and the Happy House when we are not there!
Sue and Dave are staying in Blackpool until Sunday when they willl be heading south to stay with more friends and for meetings in London before heading back HOME  next weekend.
Their stay is  not long enough for us, but  for the Happy House kids every minute  Mama Sue and Papa Dave are away is, we know,  a minute too long!