Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How Many are we now Billy?

On Friday we had a call from Nancy the Children's Officer to say she was on her way with a little girl of 18 months called Neema. As the conversation went on we realized it was the baby sister to Margaret who came to us a few months  ago very badly burnt from trying to make porridge for her baby sister on an open fire. Margaret was taken to the Children's office as her Mum had died and her Dad had disappeared leaving the children to fend for themselves. Neema was taken to Grandma. The old lady is now unable to cope and when she went to the Children's Office Nancy knew we would want the sisters together.
Today we took Neema to the Doctor as she is having trouble passing water. We discovered she has a severe water infection, but now we have the right treatment we can weave the Happy House Magic and make Neema as happy as her 'brothers and sisters'
Sue, Yes Billy. It's 46 .