Thursday, 25 October 2018

Mama and Papa - our heroes

Each October Kenya celebrates National Heroes Day.
And our Happy House School took the opportunity to declare Mama Sue and Papa Dave as their heroes.
Head teacher Mr Isaac told the gathering at assembly this week how Mama and Papa had selflessly given up their lives in the UK to move to Kenya to devote their time and energies to changing the lives of children by providing a children's home for the needy and and through providing a school to give opportunities through education.
He reminded the school's students to appreciate all the facilities they had in school, all provided through Mamas vision and the support of others who shared her beliefs.
Their was thunderous applause for Mama and Papa who were clearly very moved by this touching gesture.
To many of us, from all around the world, they have long been our heroes and it's wonderful to to know that they are also heroes to those on their adopted home ground.