Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Birthday surprise for Mama

Today is Mama Sue's birthday.
Add we know that you will want to wish her a very happy day.
The family celebrated early, as Papa has whisked her off for a few days rest and relaxation on the coast of Mombasa. 
The staff surprised with gifts of roses - one from each member of staff, and later in the day there was a party for all the Happy House family.
If anyone deserves a happy birthday, it is our Mama Sue.
She works tirelessly, day in, day out, to give a better life to children from from backgrounds of destitution and despair, trauma or tragedy, abandonment or abuse.
Mama Sue is truly their Mama, the matriarch of a family that she has created. The Happy House was her concept, her vision, and it was her dedication that brought it to life.
Hundreds of lives have, and are, being changed by Mama Sue's intervention. Kids from hopeless situations now have hope in their hearts, food in their tummies and love in their lives.
Relatives who have managed to get back on their feet after whatever problems led to their child or children going into care, have been reunited with their kids because Mama has made it so.
As much as she loves each child that comes into her care, she believes that their place, if possible, is with the families and the communities they were born into.
At home and in school, Mama Sue is giving kids aspirations, opportunities and ambition.
Because of her they will go on to help change their world for the better.
She is one very special lady, one special friend,  and we love her.
Happy birthday, Mama.