Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tony & Judy From Paper Chase Charity

We were chatting to Tony & Judy who now run the Paper Chae Charity in this area about the Happy House and they told us their aims to help the community. This is what they have written for the blog.
Although we had briefly met Sue and Dave at Turtle Bay and around the area we had never really spoken until we were at the hotel a couple of weeks ago. They invited us to visit The Happy House and we were really pleased to visit, as we drove into the compound we both felt that this was a very special place. The more we saw the more it became like a shining light, the children's happy faces and the wanting to learn. These children will really be special and will be a great foundation for the future of this country. When we left we could not stop talking about the place.
During our conversations with Sue and Dave and our joint wish to help the local community, they offered to give us some blood glucose monitors for the local clinics, these were gratefully accepted. The Paper Chase Trust is also supporting a local youth football team and again Sue offered a cool box for their half time drinks. The next project that we are looking at is for a medical team to visit outlying villages, they will look at immunization minor medical treatment and above all health education, again two cool boxes from Sue to carry the medicines.
We look forward to a continuing working relationship and friendship with these two very special people.