Thursday, 29 April 2010

Happy House Kids Meet the Turtle Watch Team

We have had a great morning out today. I made arrangements to take the children to the local Turtle Watch project. We went to see a video first all about whales, dolphins and turtles. Then we visited the fantastic project that is here in Watamu run by Nicky Parazzi and her team.  Everyone made us all feel so welcome,the children enjoyed seeing the turtles that are being cared for at the rehab unit. There is a re-furbishment in progress and Nicky asked if we would take the children at different stages to see how they enjoy the different activities that are being planned We then went to the beach as Nicky told us two turtles were being put back into the sea today. The children had a great time playing games while we waited for the turtles to be brought. We don't have transport for the children so we went in the local Tuk Tuk's the kids loved it, we sang all the way there and back. One thing the local people know when the Happy House Kids are on the move.