Friday, 30 April 2010

Elizabeth Gomm

Blackpool South Friends of Guiding, joined by the Blackpool group,  gave Elizabeth Gomm a very warm welcome when she went to talk to them about the Happy House this week.
Elizabeth said: "They were so interested to hear all about how Sue's Happy House dream has come true and to see how beautiful it all is.
"But it was the children who melted their hearts as they listened to me tell some of the sad stories behind those beaming smiles.
"I hope they now feel they know Musyoka,Francis and Mwende; Lily, Samson and Pendo; Sifa, John and Karembo and our HH pioneeer - Benedict!
"Many of them commented on how young Grandpa Yaa looks for 91 - his fan club is getting ever bigger.
"They also wanted to congratulate Sue, and "the wind beneath her wings" Dave, for their remarkable work in Watamu.
"A sales table and raffle raised £70 and then the ladies got together to have a whip round to make their donation up to £100. One lady signed up straightaway to become a sponsor and others took forms with them.
"I'm still very nervous about giving talks. I may be a bit shaky at times but they do know that every word spoken comes straight from my heart.
"I'd like to say a big thank you to them for being such a good audience and for being so kind to me.
"Hopefully, they will now help to spread the word."
Thank you Elizabeth for all you do for the Children.
Sue & The Happy House Kids xx