Thursday, 21 February 2019

Learning with iPads

Children living in our care at Happy House now have some new learning companions.
Mama Sue had observed how some youngsters who find it hard to sit still and apply themselves to, say, reading a book would be totally absorbed when she let them play an educational game on her iPad.
And as we are at the the forefront of harness the latest technology in our school, she decided to invest in 10 small iPads for use at by kids living at home with us.
Mr Omoi, our webmaster and IT man,  downloaded educational activities and games on to each one,  the children were divided into groups each with an older child as supervisor, and rules for use explained by Mama.
The iPads were then given out, with the group supervisors, taking charge of them.
Mama chose this week because it is half term and a chance to see how they are being used.
She explained to the children how lucky they are to have such wonderful resources and to remember that this was only because of the kindness of their sponsors and our other wonderful supporters.
*The Happy House lounge looks decidedly bare in this video because the curtains were down being washed as was the rug.