Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Beach fun

 The Happy House family started the half-term break with a trip to the beach to have some fun in the sun.
They set off early morning on Saturday, before the sun became too intense, and enjoyed games on the beach and a splash around in the Indian ocean.
Mama, Papa and the kids were joined by Anita Patel and her mum, Raksha, who are visiting from the USA.
The older children helped to keep an eye on the little ones , to organise games and to give out snacks and drinks.
The kids had a great time and once they were dried off they set off on the walk home in time to have a shower and change before  lunch.
*Mama mentions our tenth anniversary, that's a little bit of slip as  it's our ninth this year, but Mama is so busy that time flies faster for her than for for most of us so entirely understandable!