Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year Greeting

Happy New Year.
As 2019 unfolds,  Happy House can look ahead to it's ninth birthday and back over the hundreds of kids its has helped since it took in its first child in February 2010.
And today, Mama Sue shares her feelings with you as she talks about the way our work has developed.

We had no idea in those early days that reuniting families would be possible, let alone become a key part of our work.But it has and we are proud that we are leading the way in restoring children into the community as well as ensuring that those for whom it will not be an option have a loving, caring and happy childhood in our Happy House family.Mama, sweltering in the Kenyan heat, has by her side Lucky and Emmanuel. Lucky listens intently whilst Emmanuel, full of lunch. is trying hard to stay awake.Wherever Mama goes at Happy House, there will always be a little person by her side.She's their Mama, after all!And without you, the lovely people who sponsor, fundraise and donate, there would be no Happy House for these kids and nowhere for Sue to be their Mama.
Thank you.
We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2019.