Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Celebration continues

 Mama Sue was absolutely over the moon when she spoke to students and staff of Happy House School who were gathered in the new computer suite to celebrate its completion and opening.
She was in tears as she thanked all who had helped to make it possible.
She urged youngsters to work hard and to follow their dreams.
She was emotional too, because the day also marked what would have been her late father's 96th birthday.
Mama said how she owed her organisational skills to her father who had taught her so much.
The school sang Happy Birthday in memory of her dad, Harold.
They were also addressed by computer teacher Mr Kelvin, primary head teacher Mr Issac and principal Md Caroline.
And final year student, Nasri, whose scholarship has changed his life spoke about how the lives of students were enhanced by computer knowledge and how much they appreciated the "golden chance' given to them by an education in our school.