Sunday, 29 October 2017

Studying to change my life, by Khamis

Scholarship student Khamis Makau is one of the year eight students who will be taking their KCPE exams when they start tomorrow.
He writes:
I would like to study more so that I can change my life in future.
 Now I am in class eight, I am waiting for the final exam to come this week. 
I am well prepared and me and my fellow candidates have worked hard sowe can all achieve our goals.

Since I was in class one my parents encouraged me so I could have a good life in future. 
I would like to be a pilot when I grow up.
I have young sisters and brothers who are looking to follow me in every step I make in school.
It is for young people like Khamis that we must get the two new classrooms we need for our school.
We have only a a few weeks in which to get them up and open ready for the new school year beginning in January.
The total cost is £7,000 - we still have more than £3000 to raise.
Please, if you can spare anything ( a fiver or a tenner maybe?) please give today at