Friday, 20 October 2017

A circle of kindness

Our UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm, Auntie Libz to our family, was given a very warm welcome when she visited the Thursday Circle at the United Reformed Church in Poulton.
The  ladies group were inspired and touched by the story of our Mama Sue's road to the Happy House and the extraordinary work being done to  change the lives of children in need.
They wanted to send their love to Mama, Papa and all the family.
A donation of £30 from the club was topped up to £56.16p by a collection.
Thank you ladies for your kindness, your donation will go into our Classroom for Kids Fund.
With just a month or so  until we need to start building, our Classrooms for Kids appeal fund is growing - but there is still a long way to go,
We now have £3556  towards the £7000 we so desperately need to add two new classrooms to our secondary school.
If you could spare £5 or £10 towards the build you would be taking us ever nearer our target. 
To donate online please go to: