Friday, 25 February 2011


Hailey Aspinall Ellis, who with her mum, Jackie Fineman, sponsors babies Stevie and Charity worked her socks off at the weekend to raise £211 towards her volunteer donation for the Happy House, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
Hailey, from Blackpool, volunteered at the Happy House last year and built up such a strong bond with the kids she plans to go back later this year to help out again, this time with her mum and younger sister, Emma
Hailey helped by her mum plus Emma, brother Joe, and friends organised lots of stalls at the fair held at St John Vianney Parish Centre.
Artist Daneille Merricks  (pictured (left) with Hailey) ensured all the helpers wore Happy House smiles and there were so many goodies left over Hailey was up at 6am the following day to do a car boot sale to add to her takings.
"It was the first time I'd been up at 6am since I was at the Happy House, " she said.
Thank you to Hailey and everyone who helped out or supported the event. The fair brought us an added bonus when a lovely lady signed up to join our family of child sponsors and is delighted now, to know, that she will be sponsoring Shakilar.
Hailey, a teaching assistant,  has set herself a target of raising £500 for the Happy House before her trip.
In our second picture are Melissa Cobley, Jackie Fineman, Joe Fineman and Hailey Apinall Ellis.