Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Classroom capers!

Wide-awake Childcare and Social Health students at Yorkshire's Doncaster College went to class in their pyjamas to raise money or the Happy House.
The students, prompted by tutor Lesley Pidcock, who sponsors Natasha and Janet, paid £1 each to swap their usual uniform for pjs or regular clothes. They also held a raffle and  sold copies of a painting created by Health & Social Care student, Diag, 
Lesley said: "I thought it was so good I had it framed for her  and asked her permission to copy it, we have printed 50 copies which we are selling numbered as a limited edition for the price of £1."
By the end of the day  they had raised £114 - £35 of  which has been used to buy a new cot ,which I  will be taking out  to Kenya with me next week. The remainder will go towards meeting the vital costs of bringing up an ever growing family.
The students and staff have also raised enough money to sponsor one of our children and are thrilled to be in the sponsor family of one of our newest arrivals, baby Joseph.
Thank you so much to everyone at the college who for continuing to support our children and a  special mention must go to  Lesley for the way in which she is constantly mindful of taking the Happy House word to a new audience and for her own individual fundraising efforts.